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Financial Town’s web and mobile video product, allows your Business to empower sales through video and remote action tools.


Financial Town’s customer communication center product, plugs seamlessly into your current support center. Allowing your Business and Customer Service Representatives to communicate in a transparent and social way with customers.


Financial Town’s customer support center, plugs directly into your backend system and allows Customer Service Representatives the opportunity to serve, solve, and sell to your customers.

Three product solutions, combined to reach one goal. Improved customer communication and increased customer action will allow sales opportunities to grow and sustain over time. By utilizing our solutions, you can turn video on in a safe, secure, and effective way. Through the transparency created by our platform your customers will feel a stronger connection between themselves and your Business.

Millenials needs are not slowing down, and their expectations for what can and should take place are steadily rising. Their communication style is far different than any other generation before them, and they will continue to force the businesses around them to adapt to their perception of common interaction. Financial Town gives you a leg up over the competition by providing what millennials are looking for while maintaining the integrity and expectations of your current customer base.

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Initiate: The Power of Video
Connect: B2C Transparency
EnGage: Support Center


Initiate Video functionality allows customers to be routed to Customer Service Representatives, where they can utilize several different functionalities that allow your Business to serve, solve, and sell.

Video Check Deposit

Enhance an out of branch experience for businesses or those that have been slow to shift to remote check deposit. Working with a Customer Service Representative will increase comfort and ease for remotely depositing checks.

Video Product Present

Increase comfort and reduce abandonment with processes that allow customers to learn more about existing products and services while in a single video chat.

Document Upload

Document gathering is one of the most difficult steps for a customer and a Business to go through. Allowing documents to be uploaded, as a photo on a mobile device or as PDF’s from computers will increase the speed at which a complete application can be submitted to your Business.


Bring the pen and pad to the smart phone, and give your Representatives the arms and legs they need to complete a series of transactions and applications. By allowing them to send events that allow customers to accept terms.


From acceptance to e-signatures Financial Town can provide an optimal E-sign experience while in a video chat with a Customer Service Representative. This allows secure agreements to take place remotely and immediately following an application.


An optional feature of Connect. Video placed directly within your site or framework allows for greater opportunities to solve and sell to customers.

Text Chat

With an increased delivery speed text chat is an optimal way to communicate with customers on problems and potential sales opportunities.

Message Feed

The message feed where all communication is centered. Your Business can send messages in different formats to the customer. Each response will be logged similar to a Social Media approach utilizing comments as opposed to responses. Message feed communication can be sent out to all customers, groups of customers, or individual customers.


Just one of several types of messages in the message feed. News allows your customers to be on the same page as the Business. CEO messages, Product Releases, New Applications can all be delivered as news via the message feed.


Documents can flow through the message feed in two directions between support and customers.


Financial Town’s platform lends itself to allowing communication to turn into action. Tasks or actions will be displayed in customer feeds, and will become contact points for items to be completed.


Video gives your Business a face for remote applications while increasing the level of engagement. Build stronger connections with coherent and personalized experiences.

Text Chat

CSR’s can handle several chats at a time allowing more problems to be solved faster than they ever could before. By decreasing the time to resolution your Business can increase customer satisfaction and sentiment.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing allows everyone to be looking at the same page during a video chat. This type of interaction opens the door to endless possibilities for what can be accomplished during video chats; home loan applications, car loan applications, new account opening, refinance loans, personal loans, lines of credit, HELOCs, and much more.


While in video chats CSR’s will be able to trigger events that allow the sales process to continue. Events such as E-signature, terms & conditions, acceptance, image capture for documents and checks, and applications. Allowing customers the opportunity to fill out applications for products and services they are interested in.


Engage Support Center allows for comprehensive back end analytics. How many calls are being taken by the hour or minute? What actions are being taken between customers and CSR’s most often? Which actions are happening the least frequently? Which CSR’s are getting the highest satisfaction ratings? Analytics are fully customizable to your unique Business.


Sometimes chats cannot be resolved by Tier 1 Support, Engage allows chats that require more extensive information to be transferred to upper level support. This allows a handoff of the original chat so the customer does not feel like they have to explain everything to the next level of support. Allowing everyone to be on the same page.

Financial Town: Watch Initiate, Connect & Engage Work Together

More Sales Opportunities, Increased Sales Closing, Higher Customer Satisfaction,
Integral Data & Insights For Your Business

Financial Town is built on a single concept: allow communication and action to empower your sales. This allows our platform to be flexible enough to engage customers at a level that meets their expectations and gives Customer Service Representatives the tools they need to fulfill those expectations. Our tools give your Customer Service Representatives extended reach through customers' phones and increased connectivity for each individual action. Removal of perceived communication barriers enables smart sales and action strategies.

Utilizing these tools will allow your Customer Service Representatives the best opportunity to capture sales and service requests. Which translates to a more robust level of metrics and insights for your Business. Giving your executives the knowledge and information they need to confidently lead and direct your unique Business.

What if one solution could give you the transparent omni-channel solution you are looking for? In 2016 lets accomplish both while increasing communication and empowering your sales.

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