Let's Make Our C.A.S.E.:
Communication. Action. Secure. Elevate.

Video Calls can be initiated in three places: Initiate Mobile Video App, Initiate Web portal, or Connect our customer communication center.

The call from the customer is placed in a queue to be answered by the Customer Service Representative assigned to the video call.

Once the connection is established, the customer and representative are empowered to start action. Sales, service, and concerns can all be resolved here.

Open More Customer Communication Opportunities
Mobile & Web Video

Initiate: Mobile and web video where customers need it the most. Customers are able to initiate calls with you from wherever the customer is as long as they have an appropriate cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Once connected both parties will be empowered to take action.

Mobile & Web Text Chat

Initiate & Connect: Both of these solutions incorporate text chat to varying degrees. Each one utilizes chat uniquely allowing customers to send and receive messages. Answers will be prompt and if customers are unsatisfied with the service provided they will be able to rate the Customer Service Representative immediately following the interaction.

Mobile & Web Message Feeds

Connect: Engaging customers in a more social and transparent way within message feeds allows for greater personalization. Specific messages can be tailored and sent out to the customer, group of customers, or all customers for fast distribution of information.

Engage Support Center: Empower Customer Representatives To Take Action: Serve, Solve, and Sell

Customer information stored next to the chat or video chat allows the Representative to better serve the customer by knowing their name, reviewing notes, and understanding issues/questions/interests that have been shown by the customer over time.


Chat tools allow Customer Service Representatives to quickly solve multiple problems and questions with a number of different customers. If the customer has a poor connection or in a situation where video may not be permitted chat is an optimal way for them to quickly address questions, concerns or issues they may have.


Video increases the level of engagement and allows for more sales opportunities with your Customer Service Representatives. Giving them the ability to show product information and demonstrations. ďTrigger eventsĒ empower the customer and Customer Service Representative to start taking action immediately after a decision has been made.

Customer Insights That Matter

Managers, Technology VPís, and Executives will be left wondering how can their entire Business best utilize Financial Town as a whole?

Call metrics allow Managers to see what is happening within the call, how long they are lasting, what events are happening most, and the customer sentiment towards the Business. This allows management to gauge the efficiency of Customer Service Representativeís overtime, and examine which products customers are most interested in and why.

These insights allow VPís and Executives the ability to make course corrections within their Business. Seeing further into customer interaction will allow the identification of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of their business. Directives will become clearer, needs will be identified and solutions to fit the new customer experience will be developed.

A Solution As Secure As A Vault

Financial Town is a platform built to be as secure as a vault. Including, but not limited to, the following encryption standards:

  • SOC Compliance
  • AES 256-bit Security
  • Redundant Architecture
  • Uptimes to 99%
  • SAS 70 Compliance
  • Secure Hosting Options
  • 3rd Party Security Audit
  • ISO 27002 Compliance
  • Single Purpose Hardware Options
  • Experienced IT Staff

Video allows for unprecedented personalization when working with customers. Creating a connection that is secure allows for peace of mind for you and your customer.

Elevate Your Business's Success & Achieve Your Goals

Solutions from Financial Town can help elevate your Business above the competition.

Our products will allow you to obtain your goals both now and in the future. Empowering your sales by utilizing the Financial Town platform will allow you to begin transforming your customerís digital experience.

By utilizing Financial Town your Business can adapt to expectations of your customers today, tomorrow and ten years from now.

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